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Commercial Drones

Need a parachute recovery system for your commercial drones? Contact us today to learn more about the products we have in development and to see if we are bringing to market a parachute recovery system for your fleet.

OEM Integration

As a commercial drone manufacturer, you must ensure your drone can take off. We can partner with you to design a custom parachute recovery system for your specific design.

ASTM F3322 Compliance

The new standard provides a path of requirements for testing and validation documentation for a parachute recovery system (PRS). According to members of the ASTM International UAS committee (F38), this could help a drone operator seek approval from a civil aviation authority to fly small drones over people. If you are interested in meeting ASTM F3322 compliance, contact us today.

Urban Air Mobility

Are you developing cutting-edge Urban Air Mobility technology? Contact us to learn more about parachute recovery system development, integration and commercialization requirements.

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