Connected Recovery Systems

The purpose of a connected recovery system is to reduce the likelihood and impact of a UAV failure.

Passive Safety

UAV Mountains

AVSS has developed the Connected Recovery System to enhance the safety and reliability of commercial UAVs.

Equipped with BlackBlock, internal sensors collect vital data points to analyze a UAV flight and enable a fleet manager to track operations in near-real time.

When a safe deployment is necessary, the Connected Recovery System’s parachute will minimize any impact to bystanders, while reducing the financial burden for the UAV operator.

Patent Pending

Data-Driven Solutions

Wind Tunnel Testing

AVSS believes that the industry must co-create performance benchmarks to unlock the global potential of UAVs.

The products developed by AVSS are continuously undergoing rigorous testing to ensure any claims made by the company are data-driven and third-party validated.

AVSS is currently refining the connected recovery system by collecting and analyzing performance data from in-field and wind tunnel testing.

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