Command Centre Software

The purpose of a fleet management software is to save you time managing staff, improve profitability with efficiency, and ensure you are compliant with dynamic regulations.

Scalable Fleet Management

Command Centre

AVSS has developed the Command Centre software for large-scale and growing UAV fleet operations.

The software is a scalable solution developed for fleet managers that lead a team of pilots in various geographic locations.

The Command Centre’s unique connectivity and authentication system to AVSS’s hardware enables a fleet manager to easily analyze their team and individual pilots’ performance during and after missions.

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Workflow Optimization


The fleet manager is vital for top performing UAV operations.

AVSS believes that the fleet manager’s role is dynamic and demanding and requires software tools to optimize performance.

The current state of the UAV industry means that a fleet manager must be able to properly balance the need for the top technology to stay competitive, ensure pilots are performing tasks safely for clients, and continually educate their teams on the dynamic regulations that seem to be always changing.

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